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Fast-Pass is a mobile application that ensures that you can immediately send mileage data to Car-Pass via your smartphone or request the history of the car.
Simple. It saves you time, administration and incorrect notifications (anomalies). Through our customers, we know that Fast-Pass can save you up to 30 minutes a day. In addition, all our users have a margin of error of 0. Finally, the new Car-Pass legislation of 1 January 2019 requires that every car must be reported immediately, from the moment the car is in the workshop. Via Fast-Pass you scan and report the car as soon as it arrives and you are immediately in order.
Fast-Pass works on the basis of scanning technology . You scan the chassis number on the registration card via the camera of your smartphone. You then enter the mileage or request the history of the car. All data directly goes into or comes from the Car-pass database. This way you know immediately whether your report has been successful. An average mileage report takes 5 seconds .
  1. You register via our website. This way we can verify your Car-pass data with Car-pass.
  2. You download the application via the Play store (Android) or via the app store (ios) on your smartphone.
  3. You log in to the Fast-pass application with your log-in details of car-pass.
  1. Click on "Report mileage" in the menu.
  2. You click on "Scan VIN" and scan the barcode on the registration certificate.
  3. You enter the mileage manually and click on "Send mileage".
  4. Check under "Overview reports" whether the scanned chassis number has turned green.
  1. Click on "Request history" in the menu.
  2. You click on "Scan VIN" and scan the barcode on the registration certificate.
  3. Enter the mileage and click on "Save".
  4. Click on "Overview reports" in the main menu and click on "download history" for the requested chassis number.
If you are holding your phone vertically (long side up), we recommend that you try it horizontally (long side flat). If this doesn't help, make sure that:
  • The document is clean
  • The barcode is not damaged
  • There is enough light
Yes, internet is required to send to Car-Pass. You do not have to worry about data usage. This is minimal, only when sending to Car-Pass and fetching old notifications.